50 Shades of Grey Hits Record Breaking Numbers. Why?

Wed Feb 18, 2015 16:44:35PM
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Dakota Johnson on the sets of Fifty Shades of Grey in Vancouver, British ColumbiaBy: Nigel Horsley
Although Rt's reviewers gave this film a rotten 26%, the film hit record breaking numbers the first weekend released. It grossed more than 81.7 million on it's weekend release. Which trumped Twilight's respectable 69.6 million. Most people (critics) thought the film wouldn't catch that much due to the demographic. I say that is just nonsense. Of course the film would catch. I didn't expect it to do as well as it did, but I was wrong.

The movie is blatantly aimed at women. That's what the whole story is about. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and it shouldn't be considered as a reason to downgrade it. I heard more about this book and movie than I did from really any other major motion picture in the past couple years. Every woman I had spoke to about it was super excited to see it just due to what they had heard. They expected to see a sexy, exhilarating, fantasy, billionaire. They knew exactly what they were in for.

After reading many reviews, it seems like the main problem with it was the lack of graphic scenes that it portrayed. The fans of the book (the many, many fans) were expecting to see much more sexual content, and deep story diving. Though they were thoroughly let down. Here is a couple snips of what the critics had to say:

Ken Hanke
"It may take days — even weeks — before I work my way back up the evolutionary scale to where I was before being subjected to Fifty Shades of Grey. There is a very good chance that I will see nothing worse all year."

MaryAnn Johanson
"A charm-free hero with control issues and a passive, fretful heroine have coy and tediously vanilla pretend-sex. This is meant to be erotic??'

It was difficult for me to find any critics that had something good to say that wasn't immediately followed by sarcasm. Even after all the words I read, I'm still not entirely sure why critics tore up the movie so much. My biggest bother is when critics tear up a movie for being exactly what the movie was made for. Although I do understand If your going to make a movie about sex... make a movie that has more than 10 minutes of it. Also don't start it close to an hour in.
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Everyone thought the movie could be as good as the book. This is just the latest example of Hollywood watering down content for the big screen. Not that I had any interest in seeing the movie, or reading the book. I just know how book to film adaptations usually go, and this looks like a classic example.
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I couldn't agree with you more. My lady made my day when she said she didn't want to spoil her views of the book by going and seeing the movie. I love her to death, but that would have been a difficult movie to sit through!