'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Wins Big At the Oscars

Mon Feb 23, 2015 13:23:18PM
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http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003469711404By: Marinella
The polls are in! 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' sweeps the Oscars with a total of 4 awards. No doubt deserving every single one of them. The film was original, clever, funny, and strange. Not to mention the sets and costumes were beautiful and packed with amazing color. It seemed to me like every award was being handed off to anyone associated with the film. Leaving me to slowly start to change my mind from my original pick for Best Picture, 'Birdman'. In the end though, it was my top pick that was handed the award. And I'm super glad it was. Everything about that movie was perfect, and catered to a much greater audience than 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'.

One award given that I was disappointing with was for Achievement in Visual Effects. The award went to 'Intersteller'. I'm not saying it wasn't a show of dynamic and great visual effects, but I definitely do not think it was better than 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. Guardians had everything. Talking racoons, talking trees, space ships, massive space scenery, and amazing air and land battles. A much greater feat in aesthetics. Again, 'Intersteller' was great. But it just doesn't compare to me. Though I do understand the Oscars and other major award shows have a history of snubbing these kind of films.

I also have to mention this was the best year for winning speeches. Usually there is always at least one long, drawn out, awkward speech about something no one really can connect with. But this years seemed to have almost every single one be about something everyone can connect with. My personal award goes to for best speech goes to J.K. Simmons, with his heart felt (and oddly misplaced some would think) words on parents.

Here is the full list of winners for each category:

Best Supporting Actor:
J.K. Simmons- Whiplash

Achievement in Costume Design:
Milena Canonero- The Grand Budapest Hotel

Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling:
Frances Hannon and Mark Coulier- The Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Foreign Language Film:
Pawel Pawlikowski- Ida

Best Live-Action Short Film:
Mat Kirkby and James Lucas- The Phone Call

Best Documentary Short Subject:
Ellen Goosenberg Kent, Dana Perry- Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1

Achievement in Sound Mixing:
Craig Mann, Ben Wilkins, Thomas Curley- Whiplash

Achievement in Sound Editing:
Alan Robert Murray, Bub Asman- American Sniper

Best Supporting Actress:
Patricia Arquette- Boyhood

Achievement in Visual Effects:
Paul J Franklin, Andrew Lockley, Ian Hunter, Scott R Fisher- Intersteller

Best Animated Short Film:
Patrick Osborne and Kristina Reed- Feast

Best Animated Feature Film:
Big Hero 6

Best Product Design:
Adam Stockhausen and Anna Pinnock- The Grand Budapest Hotel

Achievement in Cinematography:
Emmanuel Lubezki- Birdman

Achievement in Film Editing:
Tom Cross- Whiplash

Best Documentary Feature:
Laura Poitras, Mathilde Bonnefoy, and Dirk Wilutzky- Citizenfour

Best Original Song:
Lonnie Lynn (Common) and John Stephens (John Legend)- Glory from Selma

Best Original Score:
Alexandre Desplat- The Grand Budapest Hotel

Original Screenplay:
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Nicolas Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris, and Armando Bo- Birdman

Adapted Screenplay;
Graham Moore- The Imitation Game

Best Director:
Eddie Redmayne- The Theory of Everything

Best Actress:
Julianne Moore- Still Alice

Best Picture:
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I watched this for the first time yesterday morning. It was a phenomenal movie and definitely deserved winning the four Oscars.

I agree that this years speeches were well done. My favorite was Common and John Legend's speech. It really struck a chord with me.