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Father spending the day with his son at the lake on Father's Day.Father spending the day with his son at the lake on Father's Day.By: Laubenstein Karen, U.S. Fish a

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  • Poop emojis on Father’s Day cards? We’d never treat Mom this waySat Jun 18, 2016 | kansascity.com
    For evidence of the truly awkward relationship we have with our fathers, just visit a greeting card aisle in June, when the heartfelt messages we send Mom have vanished,...
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  • Jerry Maguire Kid Wishes Tom Cruise Happy Father's DayTue Jun 16, 2015 | people.com
    The cute kid with the glasses from Jerry Maguire is all grown up – and he's got a very special Father's Day tribute for his on-screen father figure, Tom Cruise. Jonathan...
  • Emotional New Ad Gives Props To Single Moms On Father's DayMon Jun 15, 2015 | huffingtonpost.com
    A heart-tugging new ad from Angel Soft has an unexpected twist: In the two-minute commercial, grown children wish a happy Father's Day to the single moms who raised them....
  • 18 Father's Day gifts that aren't lameFri May 29, 2015 | businessinsider.com
    Dad has excellent taste. He did, after all, have a hand in making us. But, we admit, shopping for the old man can be tricky. While you don't want to repeat gift him with a...

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