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Lagoon Cinema, Lagoon Avenue and Girard Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.Lagoon Cinema, Lagoon Avenue and Girard Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.By: Michael Hicks
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  • Batman V Superman: Hit or Miss?
    March 25th is the big day for a new Batman movie to prove itself. Yes, Superman is in it, but it is obvious that all eyes are on the man in black. Director Christopher Nolan has left behind very large high-res shoes to fill.
  • 2015's Most Imaginative Movies (With Previews)
    2015 has some really interesting films on the docket. Decided to focus on the 12 Sci-Fi/Fantasy films I'm most anticipating for the rest of the season. If you enjoy mind-bending or wildly creative and imaginative storytelling, that looks to be seriously pushing boundaries of where film has not yet gone before, be sure and give these films a consideration.
  • 50 Shades of Grey Hits Record Breaking Numbers. Why?
    Although Rt's reviewers gave this film a rotten 26%, the film hit record breaking numbers the first weekend released. It grossed more than 81.7 million on it's weekend release. Which trumped Twilight's respectable 69.6 million. Most people (critics) thought the film wouldn't catch that much due to the demographic. I say that is just nonsense. Of course the film would catch.

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