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Emmy Predictions - Who Will Take Home the Most Statues?

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    The 2015 Emmy's are shaping up to be a big night for a few shows and might be a disappointing night for others. HBO's hit show "Game of Thrones" netted an insane 24 nominations and they have the real potential of winning a good chunk of those nominations, but I would be shocked if they won them all.

    Television has been going through a major resurgence recently and I can't imagine how difficult it is to pick just one winner for each category when multiple actors and shows could easily win. I don't envy the judges this year because no matter who or what they choose there will be a whole lot of people who disagree with them.

    The awards I'll be watching the most are Best Comedy Series, Best Drama Series, and the best Actors/Actresses in each. I am a huge comedy fan and I follow every show that has been nominated outside of "Transparent." I have a hard time picking between the remaining shows, but if I had to pick it would be "Parks and Recreation." This is mainly because it was their final season and it would be nice to see them go out with a bang. But I would be just as happy with "Veep" or "Silicon Valley" taking home the hardware.

    Best Drama Series is just as difficult for me. I follow every single one of the shows that drew nominations and I have a hard time singling one out as my favorite. I know "Mad Men" will likely win just because it was their final season, but I have to admit that--while I love that show--it is one of my least favorite out of the group. I love "House of Cards," but their last season wasn't very impressive and it seems like that show has gotten a little off track. If I had to pick one as my favorite it would be "Homeland," but it would be naive of me to think that they will actually win.

    It will be interesting to see who wins the best actor/actress awards for both the comedy and drama categories. I don't necessarily have a favorite that I'll be rooting for, outside of Julia Louis-Dreyfus for her role in "Veep." She is hilarious in that show and I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't watched it before.

    I'm interested to see what other people think. Do I have some good choices or am I crazy for not wanting "Game of Thrones" to run away with the show?

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    For comedy, Louie was super dark this season. And as much as I really liked Parks and Rec as a show overall, their final season was terrible. I really wish they would have just ended it the season prior. The whole future thing they did I feel didn't work at all. I did like what they did for Ron's character though. Even still, my vote would go to Silicon Valley, hands down.

    For drama, it's a tie between Mad Men and GOT. This was probably the best season for GOT, or at least had some great, great episodes in it. But Mad Men ended so well. And since it was the finale season, Mad Men I think should win here.

    Much harder for me to pick the main and supporting actors for comedy or dramas, just because I really don't follow all those shows enough to really pick a winner. I'll will say that again Jon Hamm from Mad Men I would really like to see win best actor in a drama series. Hard to top the last 3 episodes he turned in. He was fantastic in that role for so long, and those were some of his best episodes.

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    Peter Dinklage for best supporting actor! Game of Thrones should win most of those categories, and will I think.
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    Jon Hamm finally took home the Best Actor in a Drama Series and I think he deserved it. I wasn't really rooting for any specific actor, but Hamm has been looked over so many times for that award and it was nice to see him finally get it.