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The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore is Just Not Good

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    I would say it is simply because the clip I have included below, but that's just not the case for me. I cannot get past the mood they are trying to push. Wilmore tries way too hard to be that sleek, cool man who is hip with all the latest news. Too many oddly placed and just not funny jokes. Along with the people he usually has on the show. They normally just sit around and joke the entire time and have no good discussions. Reminds me of Chelsea Handler. But she is incredibly more funny. Colbert and Stewart were able to pull off a healthy mixture of funny, along with actual news and serious talk. The Nightly Show just doesn't have it. I also would say it's the show itself, but to me it's not. I don't think Wilmore is right. He cannot control his guest's in a way that is constructive.

    A prime example of what I am referring to is when beloved scientist, Bill Nye came on to talk about what a great discovery water on Mars is. The two other guest just interrupted him and joked about his scientific point of view the entire time. You could tell it was quite degrading and somewhat hurtful to Nye. It is Wilmore's job to make sure that doesn't happen. It's painfully obvious he doesn't know how to do it. For these reasons, I will quickly change the channel if it is ever the next show up.

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    Those guests opposite of Nye were either trolls, or incredibly dumb and shouldn't be on TV. I know they were probably just looking for some laughs from their twitter followers or whatever. But it's not funny to be that willfully ignorant. It's just annoying and rude. I'm honestly not sure who either of them are (celebrities?), but they made sure I will avoid them anytime I see them on TV again.

    And you're right. Nye was annoyed and maintaining composure the best he could, while Wilmore just let it all happen.

    I haven't been able to get behind this show from Day 1. Looks like a show destined to fail. Sorry to say, but Wilmore barely had what it took to be a good correspondent on the Daily Show. He is just not a good host. And the writing for that show is clearly not the same caliber as Colbert.

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    I've really tried to like the show too, but it just isn't for me.

    I think my main issue is that a panel is not the right format for show that is only 22 minutes long. It seems like he is trying to replicate Bill Maher's format, but Maher has an hour long show without any commercials. You can't have an in-depth discussion with a group of people when a segment is confined to 7-10 minutes.

    Part of me feels bad for Wilmore because he had the impossible task of filling the spot left by Stephen Colbert. Comedy Central must have known that no matter who they put in wouldn't be able to fill his shoes.