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Walking Dead Promises This Season Will Be "The Most Intense Yet"

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    "This is going to be the most intense season of The Walking Dead yet" ... says the creator of the show at Comic Con just before the season premiere, which is going to be 90 minutes btw.

    I am all in on this show now. Can't wait to watch this season. I was a little iffy for the first couple of seasons. But by mid way through season 3, I was definitely hooked. Apparently there was a writer/director change from season 2 to 3, and the show has just gotten better and better. To me at least.

    The most intense yet? I hope so. Season 6 starts up 10/11 at 9pm ET on AMC. Get geared up; should be good.

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    So far its been great. I think season 4 is still the most 'intense'. But I really appreciate where the writers and directors have taken the story telling this season. It's been quite good.