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Amy Schumer Tackles Guns In SNL "PSA"

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    Amy Schumer has built a career so far on being controversial and 'shocking'. But that has so far been all in the name of comedy. And I have to admit, she is kinda growing on me.

    Recently though she has been vocal on gun violence, especially after the shooting in Louisiana back in July, coming out on social media outraged, saddened, and promising to do something about it. (do what comedians do best, and use her platform)

    And now with her 1st ever hosting gig on SNL, she did just that. For maybe the first time in her career (or at least one of the first) she melded her usual silly comedy with an actual message that she cares about, broadcast to a large audience in hopes to start a public dialogue.

    Watch this Guns PSA sketch below. Let me know what you think of it. Too far? Not far enough? Lets have the conversation she wants us to have after watching this skit because I think it's worthwhile. Whatever your feelings on guns, I think it's pretty funny. A little incentive and shortsided, but still funny.