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Donald Trump Makes History, Hosts 'Saturday Night Live'

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    The Donald is at it again. As if to prove that all you really have to do is be outlandish and in everyone's face to be seriously considered for the presidency, based solely off of name recognition, loads of your own capital, and a reality star persona... he's running for president of the USA, AND going to host SNL.

    This is actually unprecedented. Not for Trump; he's hosted SNL before (2004) and is no stranger to network Tv (The Apprentice). But for a serious political candidate (maybe that's what he is?), that's never happened before for SNL.

    He truly is the guy that is bridging pop culture celebrity mogul status with political power, to maybe the highest office in the land. This is weird, man. And I don't like it. But just like any train wreck, I can't look away. And no one else can either it seems.

    I'll bet the ratings for this episode are 3-5 times that of a normal SNL episode. Maybe as much as 10 times. It's crazy the draw he pulls. Anyone here gonna watch?

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    Freakin Trump, man. He is a genius when it comes to publicity.