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Leonardo DiCaprio vs Will Smith, the main event this award season

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    DiCaprio has never won a best actor statue at the Oscars. Ever. How crazy is that? That doesn't actually sound right, does it? He's one of, if not the best male A-list actor out there. He has been nominated 4 times. But never won.

    Now, he has been nominated for a best actor (drama only) for the Golden Globes 11 times, including this year for the Revenant. And he did actually win twice before. Once for The Aviator. And again for The Wolf of Wall Street. And of the 10 films prior to this year, I have to say 100% that those were the 2 I think he should have won for the most. Talk about carrying films to greatness..

    All that said, I will make the argument that how the Golden Globes go this year will be telling for DiCaprio with the rest of the awards season, up to and including the Oscars.

    If he wins for Revenant (which he should), then I predict an onslaught of wins at every awards show. And then when it comes to the Oscars, given that it will be his 5th try, I have an unbelievably hard time thinking any other actor will usurp him this time around.

    Takes a certain recipe for an actor to get his due. And I think this year is it for Leo. Cranston, Fassbender, Redmayne and Will Smith are the ones up for the GG nom. Aside how critics land on Smith's performance, DiCaprio should be a shoe-in. But then again, Will Smith seems the dark horse in all of this, doesn't he? Another A-list that gets little love. 2 nods (Ali & Pursuit of Happiness, but no wins). THAT's the story line this year.

    Smith v Dicaprio. Who wins for you?

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    DiCaprio. All the way, DiCaprio. There is no one else that deserves it more than him.