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'The Bachelor' Premier: All the Info You Need to Know!

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    'The Bachelor' 2016 will premier tonight on ABC! Just in case you didn't know, Ben Higgins is this years Bachelor. The fan favorite will now get his chance to date 28 women at the same time. I get a little nervous even saying that line. The first night is always a little crazy, due to the introductions and clash of so many people with high tensions. My favorite part of night one is most definitely the limo arrivals. People do some crazy things just to be notice for a few minutes on television.

    We can definitely expect some surprises as the first two episodes air. I don't think they will reveal everything in the first episode, but I may be wrong. First off, past Bachelor contestants, Becca and Amber will be back in this season for a chance at Ben. This will create quite the chaos. It will. You can bet on it that it will cause at least two women to cry, two to throw a fit of anger (towards Ben), and two to go directly at both Becca and Amber with an argument.

    Other than those things, it should be business as usual. Then again, usual business for 'The Bachelor' is pretty dramatic.

    Tonight's Episode airs at 8:00 PM EST- On ABC

    The Live After-show airs at 10:00 PM EST