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Any chance for Mad Max: Fury Road to win Best Pic?

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    Surprised to see Mad Max get so much Oscar love. 9 nominations. That's pretty awesome considering they usually don't show that much attention to a "popcorn summer action flick". And usually if they do, it's for all technical awards. Best pic though... that's surprising.

    Any chance it could sweep and win out over the likes of say, The Revenant?

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    I would be shocked. George Miller created a hell of a film. But The Revenant, The Big Short and Spotlight seem much more like what the Academy would rather top honor. My guess is that Spotlight will win. I haven't seen it yet, but looking at all the important categories it got nominated for, it seems the most lock.

    I did see the Revenant and The Big Short though. Both were great. Really recommend The Big Short too.