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2016 Oscars: All White Actor Nominees, Racist or Representative?

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    Of the 20 acting nominations, every single one is white. No minorities. Do you think this is racist of the academy, or just a coincidence based on how roles were landed, and the Academy's proclivity to honor mostly only drama movies that seem tailor made (sometimes) for an Oscar win?

    Hard question to answer.

    Big Think does a good job talking about it. What do you think?

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    This is a really good way of summing it up. It ties this issue, I believe accurately, to overall issue in this country of minorities having a harder time finding jobs and any other number of metrics that you could look at to measure discrimination. Generally, they're less likely to get a call back just based on their name.

    The article below about some research a number of years ago but I think it shows the root of the issue. We pick up on things from all of the media that we absorb and those things become part of us, like it or not. If we're picking up on that all of our lives then we're going to unconsciously have a preference. That preference is going to show when they're tallying up ticket sales for movies and the results of those movies are going to dictate who is selected for those roles.

    I can't find it at the moment and it's really sad to see, but there's a video of kids being asked to say which person is nicer, which one is prettier, and so on. The white kids would say that the one that looked like them was prettier and nicer. There were black kids, that I expected to follow suit, did the opposite and also said the white people were nicer and prettier specifically because they were white.

    Ultimately, it's a business and I can't imagine them consciously discriminating. I think it's more likely they're following the money and that's where it's leading them right now.

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    Well, at least Chris Rock milked it for all it was worth. They weren't shy about talking about it. And this was basically what his entire opening monologue was about.