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Can Instrumentals Tell Stories?

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    The answer is yes. Instrumentals are my personal favorite type of music to listen to. There is an odd, magnetic connection to the way the music floats and connects to your brain. Triggering memories, new paths of thought, and meditation to take over. The best is when you have absolutely nothing to do, or even when you have too much stress. Just put on some good sound cancelling headphones (for this I suggest the best you own/can get), lay back, close your eyes, and see where the music takes you mentally. When your done listening to your soundtrack you will feel refreshed. I guarantee it. It's not always about simply turning on the tv or Youtube to watch people perform their interpretation of the music/lyrics. It's best if you experience it fr yourself. Like gazing at a painting. Great artist from any era painted masterpieces with no description. They wanted the viewer to experince and interpret for themselves.

    I urge you to try this one day, hopefully soon. For me the best is more classical type of tones. With intense short periods of heavy play. But anything will work.
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    Very well said. It can be incredibly relaxing and refreshing, both for the head and the body actually. And you are actually using a different part of your attention, which like you said can lead to unlocking your imagination and/or memories to mentally sculpt a very cool and interesting interpretation indeed. Active or passive, it's something a lot of people could really enjoy if they gave it more of a chance.

    My favorite instrumental band (which isn't 100% all instrumental, just mostly) is Shpongle. For anyone looking for some awesomely mutli-layered, electronic psybient psychedelic head space music, I highly recommend. They incorporate almost every instrument imaginable, and if you listen to enough of their stuff, you will hear them all. Good place to start is with their debut album: Are You Shpongled?

    But for a one off, check this piece out, with what Culture recommends, some good headphones. Over the ear if you can swing it. Close your eyes and see what happens. Let me know what you think: