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The First 'Ghostbusters' Trailer Has Been Released (Video).

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    The first trailer for 'Ghostbusters' has finally been released. I have to say I was a bit disheartened, when I heard it was an all female cast (of actual ghostbusters). And to be 110% clear, I was disheartened because the original squad was all male. I am someone who likes remakes of films to be as true to the original as possible, with new aspects such as CGI and affects. I didn't see 'The Man of Steel' for a really long time due to they took the red underwear out of Super Mans costume. Yeah it's a bit silly, but I just appreciate the little things.

    Now back to the point. Judging from the first trailer, I think they have done a good job sticking to the overall vibe of the original. But I did catch a bit of trying too hard to *act that way. I could just be being overly picky. But when you remake a classic film, you better make sure not to ruin it for both the original generation, and the new. I'm talking to you George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

    I feel like I must add that the word up until this point is that this new 'Ghostbusters' film is a REBOOT, NOT A SEQUEL. But the trailer definitely makes it look like a sequel. What do you think about it?

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    Unfortunately, this just doesn't look good. Maybe it's just a bad trailer. But it looks slow and dry and kinda like a bad spoof remake. Hopefully it's just misleading because I do like the idea.
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    I can't agree more with you two on this. I watched the trailer a week ago and it put a bad taste in my mouth. Basically, all they did was replace the original characters with female equivalents. You have your Murry, Aykryod, Ramis and Hudson. The "Hudson" character even has the same line of "You guys know this science stuff" (or however it goes). I'm surprised they kept the "race ratio" as well.

    Then, they bring SNL humor into it. Granted, the last one sort of had that same type of humor, but SNL humor from the 80's is completely different from the SNL humor of today, which most would say is greatly lacking in the laughs department. I'm surprised that Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy's humor is still so popular. Which brings me to my final point of why this movie is probably going to flop.

    Look at the past two decades of comedy. You have your Adam Sandlers, Eddie Murphys etc, and now you have your Wiigs/McCarthys. Most comedians, once they find their rhythm, they never leave it, after all, it made them money. I think they begin to fall into the trap of repeating themselves. No one wants to hear Adam Sandler say "hiney"anymore, and most comedy fans don't want to go see another Nutty Professor movie. We are now living in the days of dead pan humor. If my calculations are correct, fans will become bored with Wiig's/McCarthy's dead pan deliveries as well, if they haven't already. It may not be the critic who counts on this one, but it really looks like they are trying too hard with this movie..