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Saturday Night Live - A Show That Refuses To Die

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    After more than 40 years, how is Saturday Night Live still running on fumes? This show is just a shadow of its former self and still manages to keep chugging along. SNL used to stand for something. It used to be that show that your parents turned on after you went to bed. It was the show that aired late at night so it could do whatever it wanted. I know this is an old argument, but it's painfully obvious when I watch the show's newest sketches, which are painful to watch in the first place.

    I was a child of the 80's/90's SNL. I got to see some great comedians get their start on that show. It used to be flashy and edgy. Now, it just feels like tired vaudeville where the actors are clueless that no one is watching.

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    I haven't enjoyed a full episode of SNL since I was a kid (the 90's). And even then, it was very hit and miss. This is truly a show that won't ever die though, strictly because its a great way to get celebrity guests weekly involved. And the live music, mini unplugged-like concerts.

    There is also the new viral effect for SNL. If they can manage to create just 1 good to decent sketch every show, that clip can go viral enough on youtube or whatever, and create buzz. That keeps things going. Keeps advertisers paying. And lets face it, what other original programming is going to be successful in it's place? A saturday night slot is impossibly hard to fill for live broadcasting regardless.

    Yeah, SNL will live strong enough to not die, for many years to come. Maybe another decade or two, much to my eyerolling.

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    Here here. It would be difficult to just throw away an institution such as SNL. It's been in the hearts and minds of more than just one generation. Everyone remembers the "glory days" of SNL in their own way. I've heard some argue that SNL hasn't been funny since the Dan Aykryod/Steve Martin days.