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'The Bachelor' Contestants Sacrifice Just to Be on The Show

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    Check this out.

    Not only do they have 3 weeks notice to get their affairs in order with their jobs, they have to supply their own clothing. I'm sure that is quite difficult, especially when you don't know how long you're staying for, and you don't want to wear the same thing every three days on TV. I mean, god forbid, right? One contestant spend nearly 40k on her wardrobe. One girl even remortgaged her house to pay for her expenses. How many actually think they are there to find true love on a TV show? How many are just there to get their 5 seconds of fame?

    We've all heard the story of how reality TV is rotting our brains, but I wonder, how much of an impact shows like this one have had on our culture in the past decade. Thoughts?

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    remortgaging your house.. wow. That's about 10 steps too far. You shouldn't upend your life, just to get your 15 minutes. And for the thought you will find TRUE love, on a tv show, to me is an absorb reason to throw your financial life away, especially since a great majority of the girls on the show should realistically have no problem finding someone, in normal life.

    Plus, what are the real chances that this matchup would actually work in the long term anyways, even if they are 'lucky' enough to be the 1 in 25 or so women chosen?

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    I think shows like these delude the masses as well as their contestants. I would seriously question their mental state for even participating.