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Prince dies at 57 in his Minneapolis studio

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    Haven't heard or read of the official cause of death yet, but yeah. Prince dies at 57 years old, apparently at his recording studio. I didn't even realize he was almost 60. The guy has always looked so young.

    Sounds like he was sick a bit before hand. I read flu-like symptoms. So obviously there is a bit more to the story of actual cause of death.

    Either way, shocked me to read that headline this afternoon. I wasn't a hardcore fan. But I do remember my uncle introducing the beginning of this song to me, which I always thought was very cool and well done. With respect ---

    Let's Go Crazy (From "Purple Rain") (not the official CD version. That's impossible to find on Youtube. But you'll get the idea)

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    Yeah, I was shocked. I also heard that they found him unresponsive in an elevator. I guess the details will be filled out. He was such a talented and innovative person. People need to stop dying this year.

    I'll throw my favorite track onto the pile. I remember doing an acapella version of this back in high school, with my friends and I pounding the beat out on our desks. We must have done that song 50 or so times in one year. It was our way of annoying our class and teachers, but really, we just liked the song.

    God speed, sir..

    When Doves Cry (From "Purple Rain")

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    Prince was such a great artist. I listened to a dedicated NPR special on the day of his death. They said that he helped hundred of people by getting their career started. They also said that he had enough unreleased material to release an album a year, for the next hundred years. When people asked why he worked so much, he just responded and said that it wasn't work to him.