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'Hamilton' Musical Breaks Record with 16 Tony Nominations

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    I have never paid much attention to the Tony Awards before, but I do really want to see Hamilton. And it just underscores the hype even more with the play getting 16 nominations from the Tony's. That's never happened before.

    Anyone seen it yet? Does it live up to all the hype it's getting?

    The guy that created Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda, really impressed me on Last Week Tonight. Gives a taste of his style, which I think is really smart and unique. Check him out, this is him rapping about Puerto Rico's financial issues ---

    (The entire segment is great and gives you the full story. I have it starting at 18:22, which will give you a quick recap from Oliver, and then Miranda finishes things off)

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    I'd be shocked if it didn't sweep. And get ready; odds on bet this gets adapted into a feature film.
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    11 wins seems well deserved. Also brought in crazy viewership for the Tony Awards, destroying the Stanley Cup finals -- Tony Awards Viewership Rises To 15-Year High, Stanley Cup Finals Down From 2015

    Sucks that all the best hyped plays only show in New York. I will likely never get to see it.