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Now Prince's Death is Being Called an Overdose. Of course...

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    I'm tired of every single celebrity death being ruled an overdose. To be clear, it is absolutely a possibility that it was an overdose. It's just sad to me that so many good artist get bashed after death for something that the media conjures up. It's always the same exact routine.

    1. The star's death is posted

    2. No reports of cause for several days.

    3. Everyone makes up their own stories.

    4. It comes out that it was an overdose.

    Every single time. I do understand that the time is spent waiting for autopsy results, but find it hard to believe it's always unknown for several days. You can tell pretty much immediately if someone has passed from an overdose. If not from the blatant evidence, then from the test that are run when the body get's to it's destination. The waiting and guessing seems to be specifically for media circus.

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    Haven't you ever heard of the old news adage "It's time to feed the dogs"? In times of drama, especially that surrounding a celebrity's death, the media is starving for just morsel of story. Sadly, this has been going on for a very long time.