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Captain America: Civil War, the best Marvel movie yet?

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    I haven't seen it yet. But with all the hype, I have to at this point. I keep hearing from all over the place that this is arguably the best Marvel movie to date. Sounds like reviewers are really impressed with the writing and the actual story this time, beyond just the special effects and it being only "fun" to watch.

    I have avoided extended trailers, or any spoilers (that I can). So please don't spoil anything here. But I am wondering, have you seen it yet? Where would you rate it against the other Marvel movies, say like 'The Avengers' or 'X:Men - Days of Future Past', two of my favorites? Really though, is it as good as the hype?

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    I also haven't seen it yet. I am a huge Marvel fan and have waited excitedly from day one of hearing about it. There is just one thing I'm concerned about. Spider Man. They have tried Spider Man several times now and they just can't get it right. Everything else is going to be amazing.
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    OK. I saw it yesterday. It really was a great movie. It was action packed, very serious parts, very funny parts, stuff we have yet to see in any of the connected films. They did a phenomenal job with balancing all of the different superheros. I am still confused as to how they worked that out so well. I mean, there was a lot of superheros. And they made it to where they didn't overcrowd any of them.

    I keep hearing that this is the best superhero movie to date. I don't really think so. Though, I do think it was the perfect movie to connect all the dots that they have scattered around the Marvel universe. Should you see it? Absolutely. You will not be disappointed.

    I still think that 'Captain America: Winter Soldier', is the best superhero movie to date.