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Kanye West's Ego Hit A New High (more like low) on Ellen

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    This isn't quite the full interview. It was actually 8 minutes long, and you can find it on Youtube if you search hard enough. But this will work well enough to show just how egocentric Kanye really is. Everyone knows it. Everyone, even Kim and his 'crew' and his fans, just everyone. But I think this is the watermark of just how full of himself Kanye truly is.

    Don't get me wrong though. I did find myself at times kinda thinking.. maybe he's onto something. He's preaching equality, and wanting enough money to be able to contribute to humanity before he dies. That's admirable right? Yeah, until you realize one of his many truly nonsensical ideas is to stop bullying in schools by making Payless shoes and clothes more like high fashion. As if that's some kind of brilliant idea. And of course HE needs to pave the way here, because he is black. And he needs to be the first because... I don't know. He really really wants it. So everyone, just give Kanye all your money.

    We should all give Kanye West all of our savings. And the ultra rich, what are you thinking?!? Give Kanye your damn money too! He's the next coming. The next Jesus. The messiah of the downtrodden. He knows what needs to be done. He can fix the world! ... if you give him billions of course, and let him scream his name at the top of his lungs, to be remembered as the greatest great greatness of all time.

    I really, really dislike this person, if you couldn't tell.

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    We are already giving him our money by continuing viewership of his crap. He's like ISIS, if we stopped publicizing everything he's done, and just ignored him, he wouldn't be as big and disgusting as he is today.

    Not to mention that his rant sounded very much a like a televangelist. What a creepy parallel...