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'Last Week Tonight' forgives $15 million in medical debt

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    I think this might go largely unnoticed on the web after a few days, which is a shame. Oliver's show spent $60,000 to purchase $15 million in medical debt from Texas. Equates to roughly 9,000 people's debt. And then they ended the show revealing they are going to forgive that entire burden on people.

    I was shocked watching it. They bought all that debt for half a cent on the dollar, and now suddenly all those people don't have to worry about that crippling debt any more, and they educated everyone about debt buying practices at the same time? That's awesome. Hopefully it starts a trend. Imagine if a group of millionaires and billionaires did this in solidarity, even benefiting likely from a charitable tax write off stand point?? Lots of lives would be changed.

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    I'd like to hear feedback from some of the people that this happened to. That would be awesome. Oliver does some really cool stuff with his budget.