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Late Night Shows Cover Orlando Tragedy The Best Way (Videos)

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    That way is real. So first of all, I'd like to say that what happened in Orlando was a horrific tragedy. Whenever something like this happens, there is always 24/7 news coverage on (mostly) the person who committed the crime. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. The people carrying out the attacks WANT THE COVERAGE. They want to be remembered as the martyr who gave it all for their cause. I know you need your ratings, but come on... Focus on the families who lost a loved one. They deserve the coverage. Not the scum.

    After the attack, there were a few news stations who got it right. And I applaud them as much as possible. This is the way these stories need to be handled. With raw, real emotion.

    And yes, I understand these aren't 24 hour news coverage shows. But my point is more of what they focus on and say.

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    Completely agree with you about the coverage. It is totally backwards.

    It almost feels like they all communicated to each other what their collective message was going to be, as 3 of those are former Daily Show correspondents. And I'm sure Fallon and Colbert talk from time to time about that kind of stuff too.