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All 13 episodes of Orange Is The New Black Season 4 - Just hit Netflix

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    If you're as excited as I am. I'm sure you're gearing up for a week, weekend, day of watching the entirety of season 4. Last season definitely left us with a beautiful moment in the sun, paired with a devastating cliff hanger. What can we expect from the season that writers are claiming to be the most addictive yet?

    I'm fairly confident in the creator/writers of this show. I have a good feeling that they will deliver. I came across this "watching guide" to the new season. Warning: Spoilers, hence the reason why I just skimmed, but if you just HAVE to know everything that is going on without being surprised, then here you go. I may be MIA until the credits roll on episode 13. Please stand by. Very Happy

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    Best season so far. Cool they used Mad Men's creator/director to direct the finale. Very well done. Watched the whole season in 3 days. Netflix has also just approved OITNB for a 5th, 6th and 7th season. Many more binge sessions to come.