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Shark Week Is Upon Us! Promise of More Actual Science This Year.

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    This Sunday night, June 26, the Discovery Channel will begin its 28th annual week dedicated to these insanely awesome fish. So just in case you haven't watched it, don't go into the week thinking everything will be 100% accurate. It's more of a mix of scientific, sci-fi, and fun programs. Which to me, is the best way they could do it. It's great watching a few hours of scientific facts about something, then see those facts get completely blown out of proportion.

    One such instance is the Megladon series. First there was "Megladon: The Monster Shark Lives". Then the sequel, "Megladon: The New Evidence". Even though they were both fiction, I really enjoyed watching them. Mainly because it's just fun to watch something that is portrayed as scientific fact, though isn't. That way you can kind of trick your mind into thinking it's real while you watch it. Imagination at play. That to me is just good television. They caught a ton of bad press for doing that. But again, that is what I watch television for.

    After the backlash, there has been talk that they are eliminating more fiction programs like this for this year. It's a bit disappointing to me, but what can you do. People will complain about anything. Once they take the fiction stuff out, people will complain that it is too serious and lacks any fun.

    Watch it! You won't be disappointed. If you don't like one program, just continue on your normal show routine. Switch back when you're done. That's how I started.

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    If they advertise it correctly, letting you know it's not real, then I'm cool with fictional shark shows. But you can't just put it out there and not tell anyone it's not real. You can lose all credibility that way. And they did for a lot of viewers over it already.