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Emmys Best Drama Series: Game of Thrones or Mr. Robot?

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    We have:

    The Americans
    Better Call Saul
    Downton Abbey
    Game of Thrones
    House of Cards
    Mr. Robot

    To me, this will undoubtedly go to Game of Thrones. It was their best season yet, or at least best ending to a season. Started off questionable to me, without Martin at the helm. But ended pretty epicly.

    So, we know who will win. But I'd rather ask, which show would you most like to see win? Game of Thrones has won before. So for me, the one I was most impressed with this year was Mr. Robot. Came out of nowhere to me. Super addicting and very well crafted show. First episode of season 2 just came out, and it's only getting better. I think it deserves as much attention as it can get from the Emmys bump.

    House of Cards also had a great season. Better Call Saul is ramping up nicely. And truth be told, I haven't watched any of the others. Are they as good, or do you agree with me? Comes down to Mr. Robot and GOT. Either way, I'm good. But I would be most happy with Mr. Robot getting the love here, only because everyone in the world is already aware that Game of Thrones is awesome. And with 23 noms this year (24 last year) it's no wonder it will win yet again.

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    That's a tough call. I am going to go with GoT. Though I should say that I WANT Mr. Robot to win. GoT has quadruple the following that Mr. Robot has. Also, it's basically a brand new show. It would be a massive surprise if Mr. Robot won. I also think it suites the "Drama" category much better than GoT.