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'Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore' Canceled

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    I only watched that show a couple of times. But from what I did see, it was just a mix of bad one liners. Wilmore seemed like he only cared about loud mouth inserts, instead of actually delivering a message. One of the one episodes I had the horror of watching (almost to the end), was with Bill Nye. Wilmore had two other "comedians" on the show to contest Nye's thoughts on why finding water on Mars was such a huge discovery.

    All they did the entire time was cut Nye off for their badly delivered jokes. Wilmore, the mediator and host of the show has the job of making sure that doesn't happen. But instead, he just let it happen and played along with it.

    I'm not saying an entire show should be based off one episode, but there are too many like it.

    Thoughts on this? Did you ever like the show? Sad to see it gone?

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    I watched the first 2 episodes, and could tell it was doomed from jump. Sucks but it was just a bad formula, and way too dry for its own good. Wilmore can be funny, but he just came off as kinda lame as a host. Way too many 'I'm black so I can say this and you can't' jokes. Plus, taking Real Time w/Bill Maher's 'panel' concept, and shoving it into a 22 minute show with commercials is the exact wrong way to do it.

    Even on HBO, an hour long format without ads isn't long enough IMO, when you only dedicate 15 minutes to that segment. For Wilmore's show, they can't even cuss as much, and it's only a few minutes of people talking over each other, all desperately trying to get that ONE line in that ... trends I guess. Or gets an applause. It's not entertaining, just painful to sit through.

    Colbert had the perfect formula for a 22 minute show. No correspondents. No panel. Just him, and one guest at the end. That's the best way to get the most out of the time slot. Then you just have to get a great host, that brings something unique to the table, whatever the commentary.

    Sorry it failed, but glad it did in a way too. The format just simply wasn't good enough. Wonder what they will replace it with?

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    Did you see the Bill Nye episode? It was just awful. And Nye is such a stand up guy that even to this day he says it's no big deal. I would have been pretty mad if it had happened to me.

    Here it is:

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    That 'less than half' line at the end made the vid. They were both being willfully ignorant, like kids in school that think 'learning is for losers'. Ridiculous.