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Emmy Awards Winners Shows Great Shift of TV Culture

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    This year's Emmy awards winners shows me hope for the near future of television. One of my favorite shows, 'Game of Thrones' has broken the record for most Emmys won. The show now has an all time total of 38. That is super impressive. Along with that, Remi Malek won the award for best leading actor in a drama series.

    Of course, there were many others that took home awards, but these two stand out the most for me. This shows me that HBO and other channels will continue to churn out more and more serious/adult driven shows. The proof is now there that they can make shows that aren't dumbed down, and don't censor every little thing that may trigger someones political correctness.

    'Game of Thrones' pushes the bar as far as it possibly can when it comes to what they show. And 'Mr. Robot' is probably one of the most difficult shows to follow that I've ever seen. Yet they both won the most/hardest Emmys to win.

    With that said, I am a huge advocate for Netflix. That company is doing so many great things, in all the best ways. If it were up to me, I would love to see my favorite shows ripped from cable companies, and placed in the awesome hands of Netflix. Though they are doing a wonderfull job of that so far, It will still be a while before they succeed (I think). Though in the meantime, It's awesome to see television taking a more intellectual and less-censored approach.

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    I think Netflix is succeeding quite well right now. But of course they have plenty of room for advancement when it comes to the overall viewership that the 4 big get (NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX). Netflix and HBO are clearly the top 2 entertainment companies going right now, for my money, and it's not even close.

    That said, I'm glad The People vs OJ Simpson won 5 Emmys. Game of Thones, Mr. Robot and the OJ show were my favorites of the year, by far.

    Look for Netflix's Stranger Things and The Getdown, and (hopefully if it lives up to the promising trailer) HBO's Westworld to be a big part of the nominations next year though. I'm sure along with Game of Thrones and hopefully again Mr. Robot as well. Great last few years of tv shows. And they are only getting better. Also, The Night Of. That would be a super impressive 2017 best drama list don't you think?

    Stanger Things
    The Getdown
    Game of Thrones
    Mr. Robot
    The Night Of

    That's my current guess anyways. Though I think The Night Of would be the winner for best limited series drama actually.

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    Oh. I almost forgot. Aside from Malek winning for best actor, my other favorite win was Ben Mendelsohn winning best supporting for Bloodline. That is a badass show, and he is cast perfectly for that role. It's one of those rare performances to watch; every time he is on the screen he kills it. Creepy, unpredictable, he's timing and facial expressions are awesome.. great stuff. He makes that show. Glad to see that one.