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Late Night's Somber Take On Donald Trump Becoming President

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    It's pretty clear how late night hosts felt about Donald Trump winning the election. All you have to do is watch every single one of their monologues right after it happened. Every one of them to a tee seemed somber, shocked, confused, most holding back anger, and almost all trying to place a spin on how this might not be soooo bad, though it felt extremely futile to watch.

    I find this pretty fascinating that not a single late night host (that I could find at least) was the least bit excited about this result, even though roughly 50% of the country voted in favor FOR.

    For the record, I agree almost 100% with all of these monologues. But I'm not creating this thread to talk necessarily about politics or even hurt feelings when something unexpected happened. Instead, I just find it very interesting the dichotomy of the entertainment sector of the USA vs a majority of its citizens. The divide for many is incredibly deep. Check for yourself:

    The reaction list is pretty long actually. A few more:

    'The View' Co-Hosts React To Donald Trump Elected As President
    Don't Move To Canada Just Yet

    In fact the only talk show host I couldn't find making such remarks on the election results was Jimmy Fallon, a guy infamous for being non-confrontational, and for what it's worth, universally liked for this reason.