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Thanksgiving Day best and worst traditions?

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    When I was kid, we ate a huge meal and played catch football before the sun went down. We watched the parade, then a bit of football. Always the Cowboys. Sometimes there were food fights, sometimes there were actual fights. Drama-filled family fights, never psychical.

    I wonder if this is the typical family Thanksgiving day anymore? Not that I'm being nostalgic.. just curious. I read about more and more families going out to eat. The perils of taking politics around the dinner table (especially with Trump just elected), and the general uncomfortable feeling in the air of being around people that you only see 'for the holidays'. Must admit, as I get older, that's what it's boiling down for me as well.

    Then there's the Black Friday creep, that's spilled over and now has started as early as Thursday night, for many stores. That certainly changes the day's dynamic.

    Just wondering, what's your typical Thanksgiving day traditions? I am looking forward to watching football still. And spending time with (some) of my family members. But not much beyond that. Maybe others can inspire some new traditions for me?

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    I'm a bit of a pessimist when it comes to really any holiday, but most definitely Thanksgiving. I agree with you that in the past, there was a bit more of a traditional aspect. Though these days, families just don't seem to care anymore. And I don't think it's specifically due to not caring about Thanksgiving. I think that it's a combination of things.

    For one, everyone is so concerned with social media. They will do anything just to get that perfect 1,000 pictures of their meal, family, friends, etc, just to stop and share it on every platform they have. It boils my insides to know that there are so many people right now that are ignoring everyone around them, while their head is stuck in their phone. I can see that playing a big role in just doing it for the social media likes.

    On another note, the horrible Black Friday..... On top of the social media, people rush to get things done so quick, just so they can run off to shop for stuff they don't need. Not that it's insane to try to get a good deal, but come on.... grow up and be patient. If you care so much about family and "giving thanks", that would be the last thing on your mind.

    I have not celebrated Thanksgiving for years now. Though I have been part of Thanksgiving meals. Sometimes you just have to participate to make things go smoothly. That's just life. But I can't see myself ever again having my own Thanksgiving holiday get together. Call me whatever, but there are so few people left that celebrate just to be with their family, let alone to "give thanks" to anyone but themselves.