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The Golden Globes is the Oscar's/Emmy's laid back little brother

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    Have you even been told during a moment of what you think is staunch seriousness, that whatever at hand is the most important thing that is happening at that one moment, in the whole world, to just "chill out, have a drink, and stop taking yourself so seriously, I mean, come on, you dressed up for this?" In my mind, between award shows, if the Golden Globes could say anything to it's siblings, this probably wouldn't be far off. They stand out on their own, not because of their attitude, this particular awards show feels more inclusive and welcoming to fans of entertainment media.

    Where else do you have high-profile movie stars and starlets sitting within talking distance to their day-time TV counter parts. All the while, they'll heckle each other in brotherly fashion. I myself enjoy the Oscars. I'm a movie buff and it is like my World Series, but as I've gotten older, I find myself enjoying the light hearted Golden Globes. Here's an article, although, older, that lays out why the Golden Globes are better, although I would say they are better, just more watchable.