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Justin Bieber's Super Bowl Commercial

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    T-Mobile's commercial for the 2017 Super Bowl kind of throws me off. You can see the video Here. I should also add that there are a ton of awesome SB commercials on there. It features Justin Bieber as the "The celebration king", and has him showing a number of the most well known touchdown celebrations. First of all, it really irritates me when I see someone like Bieber acting like a super friendly, easy going person while on TV. Though most everyone knows that he is quite the opposite in real life. To be more specific, he is dismissive and rude.

    Secondly, the clash of Justin Bieber and the NFL is almost too apparent to take. It would have been cool to see someone else in that part. Really anyone else.

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    Yeah, pretty clear they are trying hard for reshares and to pack as many celebrities in there that 'trend' as possible. Bieber and Gronk in the same ad is odd.