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Grammy Album of the Year - Sturgill Simpson vs 4 Pop Stars

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    What a weird year for the Grammys in my opinion, for best album of the year.

    Adele - 25
    Beyonce - Lemonade
    Drake - Views
    Justin Bieber - Purpose
    Sturgill Simpson - A Sailor's Guide to Earth

    These first 4 are extremely popular, household names. All have won awards before. Sold gazillions of records and get radio play non stop. Extremely established pop stars, right? Then you have Sturgill Simpson, an alt-country guy that currently tours with a brass band, playing an album that's almost impossible to nail down, genre wise.

    I feel like I live in a different world sometimes, when it comes to music anyways. I believe a vast majority of people have heard multiple songs from all these pop stars' albums listed above, but most haven't even heard of Sturgill's name. Let alone any of his music. .. I am the exact opposite. I can't name one song from any of those other 4 pop artists' albums, minus I'm guessing the name which would be the title track? But I know every word to every song on 'A Sailor's Guide to Earth'.

    Clearly I'm a Sturgill Simpson fan. I think he is one of the very few making 'country' music a legitimate art form again. Bro country be damned. I really hope he wins. But it's hard to imagine any of the others losing. Stacked and interesting year for sure. Here's a taste of Sturgill's album, him performing live on SNL, if you haven't heard any of it:

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    Once Adele starting winning everything 'Hello' was nominated for, it was clear she would win here too. I'm not surprised by the result. At least Sturgill won for Best Country Album of the year. That's almost just as good. Humble guy --