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'Dancing With the Stars': First Elimination Was an Emotional One

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    All of the teams showed out on the premier and set the bar quite high for the rest of the season. And although we'd all probably like to see the good times keep on rolling, the time has come for one team to pack their bags. Tonight was elimination number one.

    It'd be nice to say it was a tough call or something along those lines, but it wasn't even close. The two teams that were on the chopping block for the least votes were Chris Kattan and Witney Carson, followed by Charo and Keo Motsepe. I personally hate to say it, but the 'SNL' veteran, Chris Kattan ended up with the lowest number of votes, by far.

    Something that came as quite a shock to many people, is that Kattan sufferes from a major neck injury. This makes it difficult for him to perform in some of the acrobatic ways that this competition demands from the contestants. He also revealed quite a scary x-ray of his back, whilst tearing up due to him not being able to perform the physical comedy that he is known for.

    Though of course, after the reveal of his injuries he received great reviews from the judges. Go figure.

    Keep on keeping on, Kattan! I will forever see you as a girl scout selling cookies.