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Big Brother Season 19 - Stream it 24/7, like the Truman show

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    Was clicking around CBS's website page for their Big Brother show. In that, they included a link to allow you to live stream a feed from the Big Brother house, to watch the cast after dark 24/7, for $6/month. Strange thing, besides that idea in general, is I clicked on the link and it took me here:

    Not sure where you can actually sign up for this service. And I don't really want to. Just thought it was interesting they went this extra step, for the super obsessed voyeurs. And got further interested when it became hard as hell to find the link, like it's supposed to be difficult to find. Maybe I am just looking for it wrong.

    Anyways, thought I'd share that here. If you do happen to find that link, post it here. Curious now. Also, curious if anyone in the world is actually sitting at home watching the crew for hours at a time. Like the Truman Show. Creepy to me.

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    Not a chance. Not a fan of that show. Watched half of one season and got bummed out by the drama format, like I usually do with those kind of shows.