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Rock Legend Chris Cornell Has Died at Age 52

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    Chris Cornell, who most will know from the bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, has passed away at the young age of 52 years old. I have to say, this one stings quite a bit. I grew up listening to both bands regularly, and continued listening to his solo stuff to this day. I specifically remember my brother telling me like a decade ago that Cornell had one of the best voices he'd ever heard, and would go on to be something special. He was right.

    Cornell's representative, Brian Bumbery said he passed away Wednesday night while on tour in Detroit. He had just finished a concert with Soundgarden. Not that my feelings matter in this situation, but for some reason that makes me feel better about this horrible news. I think it's knowing that he had just played what most likely was a fantastic show, and was off to a night of rockstar partying. What better way to go out then doing what you absolutely love and have devoted your life to.

    Bumbery said his death was, "sudden and unexpected" and the family is working with the medical examiner to determine a cause of death.

    I know it's a lot to ask for.. But please, please, please media.. Don't drag this man's name through the dirt with guesses and accusations like you do everyone else. Just offer your condolences and wait for the facts.

    Rest in piece, Cornell. You will be very missed.

    Here is one of my favorite solo covers by Cornell, it's also one of favorites by anyone period.

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    It's really amazing to look back over his discography of singles over the last few decades, and try and pick the quintessential Cornell sample, as a tribute song. That's what I planned to do here, in response. Billie Jean was an excellent choice btw.

    I'm genuinely at a loss. Not only did he have arguably the best voice in rock ever, but his songs were about something. That's an exceedingly rare combination. The lyrics he sang were at the same time unnerving to listen to, and uplifting. He also produced greatness no matter what band he was in. Audioslave, Soundarden, Temple of the Dog, or solo.

    Like A Stone, Show Me How To Live, Cochise, I Am the Highway, Be Yourself, Doesn't Remind Me, Out of Exile, Black Hole Sun, Spoonman, Fell On Black Days, Rusty Cage, The Day I Tried To Live, Burden In My Hand, Hunger Strike, Before We Disappear...

    Take your pick. Was a very big fan of his. Will be missed for sure. One of the few artists I will regret not ever seeing live as well.