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Top 10 Artists Who Hated Their Own Songs

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    What a fun subject. It's totally believable that artists would hate some of their own music. I just couldn't imagine having being writer for a famous Xmas song, and having to hear it in super markets every Xmas. To me, that would equal total torture. I'm glad Geldof hates that song too. It could be worse he could have written Wham's "Last Christmas", which I think is the worst Xmas song of all time. I can't and can believe Mandy Moore said she would give a refund to anyone who bought her first two albums. Yikes! It just goes to show that commercial music even makes the artists themselves sick. Ha I'm surprised by this list. So here it is. Should there be a song a certain artist should hate, that's not on this list?

    10 - Frank Sinatra - Strangers in the Night

    9 - Mandy Moore - Candy

    8 - Bob Geldof - Do The Know It's Christmas?

    7 - Pete Townshend - Pinball Wizard

    6 - Madonna - Like a Virgin

    5 - Robert Plant - Stairway to Heaven

    4 - Michael Stipe - Shiny Happy People

    3 - The Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right To Party

    2 - Radiohead - Creep

    1 - Kurt Cobain - Smells Like Teen Spirit

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    I've thought about that a lot especially when I go to concerts. As an artist you have to perform a hit song countless times. And I know from Spotify experience, I get tired of singing along to certain tracks after a few dozen listens and have to put it out of my rotation for a while, otherwise it gets permanently spoiled. Even if its great.

    And for artists its even worse, as the more successful they are with a song, the more they have to perform it, the more likely they will grow to hate it. That sucks lol.

    Heard an interesting quote on some random podcast a while back about a singer songwriter saying they never ever allow themselves to think about 'how many times will I have to perform this in the future?' because that utterly kills their creativity and honesty in the moment to create the song in the first place. Though I'm sure its killed more than one hit song in the past..

    So to add to this list, here's another top 11 I thought was pretty good and interesting to know about:

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    Mandy Moore and Candy... makes sense. You can tell she had big time mixed feelings about being a bubble gum pop star. And you don't get much more 'pop aimed at the masses for a quick buck' than 'Candy'. :)