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2017 Emmy notable winners

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    Was a strong year for TV. Wanted to see what everyone thought of this year's Emmy winners. There were a few that I thought were well deserved and a couple I sort of rolled my eyes over.

    Most deserved:

    Outstanding drama series: The Handmaid's Tale. Tough call as I also really liked Westworld and Stranger Things. Really it was a 3 way tie for me there.

    Outstanding lead actress in a drama series: Again, Handmaid's Tale to Elizabeth Moss. Hell of a performance by her. Evan Rachel Wood was also great, but didn't have nearly as much screen time and Moss carried that show.

    Outstanding lead actor in a comedy series: Donald Glover in Atlanta. Really was pleasantly surprised to see him win. He certainly deserved it, even though I also think Aziz Ansari from Master of None is pretty underrated.

    Least deserved:

    Both are me being down on Veep. It's just a show I have really, really tried to like and just can't. It won Outstanding comey series over shows like Silicon Valley and Atlanta. Don't get it. Also Julia Louis-Dreyfus won again for comedy lead actress. I guess that's fine. Just again, it's one of the rare times where I am against most all reviewers on the show in general.

    Any standouts for you this Emmy season?