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What are the expectations for the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens?

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    There was a ton of hype for the prequels and they turned out awful. I mean god awful. I've been doing my best not to get excited for the new ones being released. I even make jokes that J.J. Abrams is going to supercharge everything about the series. We will be seeing looped shaped lightsabers and lightsaber chainsaws and lightsaber refrigerators. And how characters will be exaggerated 2-dimensional farces of their original counterparts and over use certain catch phrases. (Like what he did with Star Trek)

    Hopefully, my low expectations will make the movie more enjoyable when it does come out. Anyone else feel different?
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    I'm trying to avoid too much speculation. Going to see it when it comes out and only going to hope I see good movie. Not expecting epic, but not expecting bad. Just hoping to be entertained for a couple hours. And praying that the plot holes aren't too gaping.
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    I wasn't too crazy about any of the prequels either. Some scenes here and there though did justify the price of admission. Saw the first 2 in theaters. My guess is that most people have tempered expectations. I certainly do. Although I fan a JJ Abrams fan. Not a complete fanboy, but a fan. I actually liked his Star Trek films. Also, more of why I like him is for Lost and Fringe and the film Super 8.

    I do think that style will ultimately beat out substance with this newest one (just like with Star Trek, which is a shame) but I also will be seeing it. If anything for the special effects.