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Roseanne Revival Cancelled After Racist Tweet

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    I'm not shocked that Roseanne Barr would write such a thing, but I am shocked to see the show get dropped after only 3 months of enjoying a comeback. A NY Times article said it had the highest ratings of a new TV series in years. I was actually looking forward to seeing it too. I used to watch it back in the day, and I had put it on my mental to-do list in my head. I'm kinda bummed, but I understand why the network would yank it. I wonder if they'll be able to save it somehow after a series of apologies and donations to charities. Who all agrees with the actions taken by the network?
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    I am surprised it got canceled so fast. Usually there's a huge social media backlash when something like this happens, the news takes it over for several days or even weeks, and then the networks wait a little while to see how much damage is really there before official acting.

    But not this time. As soon as ABC execs heard about it, they pretty much canceled the show immediately.

    That's actually a really smart move on their part. I seriously question if they (ABC program higher ups) really care about Roseanne being outwardly racist. This isn't the first time she has said shocking and trolling things on twitter before. This is just the latest example. Maybe the worst. But still, it's not really news that she would do that.

    And that's the point. ABC knew who she was when they approved to reboot the show. They saw dollar signs, and they were right. Crazy successful show. I suppose they just hoped she wasn't stupid enough to blow it up like this.

    But I think they had to get in front of this one, even though it meant they would lose their best money making show, because in the long run they will be seen as 'having done the right thing' and saved themselves a bunch of advertisers boycotting them for not doing this sooner.

    So it was the right move. And Roseanne is unfortunately a major idiot. And apparently racist.

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    I want to walk back my comments on Roseanne. Its been over 4 months since this happened. And in that time I've listened to all sides of the situation. Mainly it's been Joe Rogan's podcast that has me thinking differently here. He knows Roseanne personally and talked to her several times after this happened.

    When you look at it from his point of view - she was on Ambien and took a few beers with it, chainsmoking cigarettes to boot, so she was basically in no right mind to be voicing her opinion unedited to the entire world.. that, and she has a long history of mental illness. I think when you add all of those things up, it equates to a more resemble approach to judging her. Sure, it was dumb and she should have probably had some kind of protocol where her phone is always taken away from her as soon as she pops that pill. But at least this wasn't like some think, that she purposely made a racist tweet, being of complete sound mind, in a outright rude and gross way.

    To me, it was probably that she is crass, her brain legitimately works differently (and not always in her favor), and overall a poor attempt at a very early morning/late evening joke/political comment, posted while she was essentially drugged up.

    People do wacky and dumb stuff on Ambien.

    Finally, after watching her on the Rogan podcast just this week, I felt like I wanted to post all this, just in case anyone reading the above comment just took that away. That was my initial reaction, and it's since changed.

    Here's her talking about it all. This isn't the full episode, which I recommend. But it's a good 20 minutes on the topic. Curious if this, in context, changes other's minds the way it has for me:

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    I steered clear of the show and only got interested to watch after all this went down. Gotta say the reboot episodes with Roseanne were really good. I'm bummed the show pulled her. With the advantage of hindsight I think it was the wrong move. They had an opportunity to use that controversy as a 'teaching moment' on the show, where Roseanne's character could have done something really similar in the show and learned a listen. And then she could have jointly apologized and everyone would have moved on. But they reacted to mob freak out, and now we have the far inferior 'The Connors'.