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Emmy Awards is really just HBO vs Netflix vs everyone else

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    Just some interesting stats for the 2018 Emmy Awards I thought worth sharing, comparing HBO and Netflix:

    Netflix received the most nominations of any network, with 112.
    HBO came in 2nd, with 108.

    This is the first time this has happened in 18 years. Yeah, for 18 years in a row HBO has been #1 in nomination count. But the last few years has seen Netflix climb the ranks, and in 2017 Netflix came within 20 nominations. This year, if for no other reason than sheer quantity of good programming over HBO, they finally surpassed them, and everyone else.

    Game of Thrones got the most nominations of any show, at 22.
    Westworld and SNL came in 2nd, with 21.

    The closest Netflix show to HBO's GOT or Westworld is 'The Crown' with 13 nominations, and 'Stranger Things' with 12. Netflix's 'GLOW' also had double digit nominations with 10. Though HBO also had 'Barry' with 13 nominations as well. That rounds out Netflix vs HBO, with double digit nominations per show.

    HBO Entertainment/HBO Films had far and away the most nominations, with 108.
    Netflix came in 7th with just 31.

    I think this speaks to just how established HBO is as a film production studio vs Netflix. Sure with TV programming you can argue it's a dead heat at the moment, for different reasons. But when it comes to films and documentaries of nomination quality, HBO is still #1. And not just destroying Netflix in this way, but everyone else too. The next closest was 20th Century Fox with 59. So HBO had almost double the 2nd studio.

    Digging into all the numbers, I think the Emmy nomination counts actually do tell us something very true and interesting about the current state of TV, documentaries and film. Netflix is the single largest production company on the planet, and they produce the most content. Though Netflix is becoming known for prioritizing quantity over quality (a lot of the time), using sort of a 'throw it against the wall and see what sticks' strategy, with gazillions of dollars to play with. That leads to a ton of good content, but not a ton of excellent content.

    HBO on the other hand produces less, but puts an enormous standard of quality over quantity. If you are watching an HBO show, it's generally expected to be of really good quality, even if not 'your taste or style'.

    Therefore you have exactly what the 2018 Emmy Award nomination numbers pan out: Netflix leads the way just barely by sheer volume, but when it comes to the best shows with the most nomination counts per, HBO is the easy winner. Simply put, Netflix and HBO are the 2 best production companies we have going, but for different reasons. And it's interesting to see what strategy will continue to win out over time, quantity or quality first.

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    Seems like both companies did well tonight. GOT won the main award. But Netflix won several directing and acting awards. So.. really it's HBO vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Hulu vs network TV vs cable TV. At the moment at least, for quality shows. Prime cleaned up with a show I've never heard of, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Makes me want to check it out, given it beat out Atlanta, Barry and Silicon Valley (my favorite comedies this year).

    As for all the network competition, I would order it:

    Cable TV (like FX, AMC, etc)
    Network TV (like ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS)
    Amazon Prime