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Times Square NYE Ball Drop Trivia (I bet you didn't know..)

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    Found this article looking for stuff to do for NYE and it got me thinking it'd be a cool share here. Here's a few things about the Ball Drop in New York City's Time Square that you (probably) didn't know..

    1. An estimated 1 billion people + from around the world watch the Times Square ball drop every year on TV. That's insane to me. That means that roughly 15% of the entire world's population is watching the same event at the same time, live of course.

    2. The original ball weighed 700 pounds, but now it weighs 11,875 pounds! The first version of the ball was made and used in 1907. Since then its been updated 7 different times and now it has 32,000 LED lights compared to the first version which had just 100 light bulbs.

    3. The original ball was created as a back-up plan. The owner of the Times wanted to set off a giant fireworks display instead, but the city wouldn't issue him a permit. Funny how time and commerce changes things... now NYC has one the largest and most watched fireworks displays in the world along with the ball dropping, which takes center stage.

    4. The ball sits atop the One Times Square building all year. I didn't know that. Maybe you did if you live in NYC or travel there for whatever reason. I've never been; I always figured they craned it up there a few weeks beforehand. Though now that I think about it.. that's pretty damn impractical!

    That's all I got. Feel free to share more, or just any random NYE Times Square trivia you have.

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    Nice. You might enjoy this vid then:

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    Nice. Thanks for that. Thumbs Up Here's another good article, more than I included in the first post -

    New Year’s Eve in numbers: Fun facts about the Times Square ball drop