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Best Super Bowl Movie Trailers

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    I think my favorite part of the Super Bowl outside the game itself is the movie trailers. I like the other ads fine. But we usually get the best and most exclusive movie trailers dropping for the first time during the Super Bowl, like for all the upcoming summer blockbuster releases and whatnot.

    There have been 131 Super Bowl Movie Trailers since 1980 (and counting), so lots to chose from and reminisce here about!

    I also really like it when a somewhat indie film makes it through, cause that's the best chance that movie trailer will ever get to be known by the mass public, with ~100 million people all watching at the same time.

    Was thinking about the best Super Bowl movie trailers to ever drop, in anticipation for this year's lineup. And here's what I came up with, curious what makes your list.

    Paramount Pictures - A Quiet Place - Super Bowl Ad Trailer (2018)

    This one makes the list for the indie angle. I think it really put this film on the map for millions of people that might not have ever heard about it otherwise. Beyond that, it was perfect because of the nature of the film, to be really really quiet, really stuck out surrounded by all the loudness of the ads that aired around it so it caught my attention as something to really pay attention to.

    20th Century Fox - Deadpool - Super Bowl Ad Movie Trailer (2016)

    This might be the best Deadpool ad ever, and there are many good ones over the years. I just really liked the 4th wall breaking down, like they love to do, of saying 'See you this Friday, America'. Was just really well done I thought.

    20th Century Fox - Independence Day - Super Bowl Trailer (1996)

    Gotta give it up to this one as well. This film encapsulated summer blockbuster better than any film I think I have ever seen, before or since. Cheesy text on screen and voice acting from the Movie Guy.. pretty great.

    So, what tops your list?

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    Nice list. My favorite was the Toy Story/Wall E mash up ad from Pixar years ago:

    Pixar - Wall-E Promo - Super Bowl Commercial (2008)

    Rolled my eyes pretty hard though for this one. I like the Rock alright but this just immediately looked terrible:

    Universal - Skyscraper - Super Bowl Ad Movie Trailer (2018)

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    I remember seeing this one last year:

    Netflix - The Cloverfield Paradox

    Cloverfield pretty much always had solid trailers. This one definitely falls into that category.

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    We just had 8 film trailers this year but they were all pretty good. Gotta say Us and Toy Story 4 were the most compelling.