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All-Time Best Celebrity Appearances in Super Bowl Commercials

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    There's a crazy amount of Super Bowl ads with celebrities in them. And this site has all the Super Bowl ads featuring celebrities since 1980 documented and categorized as well, for different types of celebs to make it easier to search for, like musicians, A-list actors, models, athletes, comedians, etc.

    Got inspired from the other thread about SB movie trailers and thought it would be fun to discuss our favorite Super Bowl ads with celebs in them. Like the all time best ones.

    I'll kick things off with a few:

    Doritos Blaze vs Mtn Dew - Lip Sync Battle - Super Bowl Ad (2018)

    Not sure it gets any better than this one actually. :) Starts off with Peter Dinklage lip syncing to a Busta Rhymes song. He does a really good job keeping all serious during too. Then you have a rap battle aspect to it as Morgan Freeman of all people does his best effort channeling Missy Elliott. The effects and everything just make it one of my favorites.

    Squarespace - Calling - Super Bowl Ad (2017)

    John Malkovich is just awesome. Need proof, just watch that ad. If you know him, you know it was written pretty perfectly for him. I could totally see this being a real life situation, in that it doesn't feel contrived at all.

    Kia Optima - Walken Closet - Super Bowl Commercial (2016)

    I love this one too. For the same reason as the Squarespace one. It's Christopher Walken at his best. Hard to look away from, goofy as it is. It's cool in the way Walken is, a little bizarre and unique and dramatic just for the sake of it because he is so good at pulling it off.

    Those are my top 3 from the last few years.

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    There are lots. From this year though so far, gotta go with The Dude reprisal -

    Stella Artois - Change Up The Usual

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    I think the most iconic celebrity ad has to be the Cindy Crawford Pepsi commercial from the 90's:

    Pepsi - Beautfiul

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    I'll also give credit to Amazon. Their last few commercials have been among the best, 90 seconds and all that. Especially liked their latest ad with Harrison Ford, Forest Whitaker and those two girls from Broad City on Comedy Central. Really well paced and I liked how they did the Queen song at the end. Also crazy it already has over 38 million views on YouTube.