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Oscars Should Go Without A Host Every Year

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    Kevin Hart will not be hosting the 91st Academy Awards due to a controversy surrounding some tweets.. so for the first time in exactly 30 years the Oscars will be aired WITHOUT a host.

    That's really odd to me and I didn't even realize the Oscars had ever done this before. But digging into it some more it kinda makes sense and it might be a good move this year and going forward.

    Everyone seems to be very aware of how much this hosting job just plain sucks now. It's impossible pressure put on whoever takes the job and with declining ratings year in year out and with the growing PC culture that puts every joke you make under a ridiculous microscope, it really does feel like a lose/lose for any would-be comedian or celebrity to take on the task.

    Maybe this will allow for longer speeches from the winners now that we don't have to sit through those sometimes painfully contrived musical numbers and just barely funny jokes as the host 'plays up the A-listers in the front row'.

    Or maybe this will just give the Academy more of a window to show compilations or maybe longer cuts from performances of the nominees during? I'd actually much prefer that. That would actually be the main selling point to this host-less Oscars; focus more on highlights from the acting, directing, editing, camera work, writing process, costume/make-up process.. everything that makes a film work. Go more in depth into that instead of .. host vamping.

    That'd be cool. Hope this model works and maybe its the mold for the Academy from now on.

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    Unfortunately I think they will just use the extra time to have more guests doing bits. SO a ton of 60 second hosts... blah. Much rather see longer highlights like you said. Do more tributes even. Celebrate film, not the celebs. Big difference. Either way, looking forward to seeing the effort they give. Should be interesting.
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    Went pretty well, all considered. I didn't like them opening the show with the 2nd song being a cover of 'We Are the Champions'. Felt really, really tone deaf. I wonder how many people in the audience or those involved in the making of the Oscars realized that in the most self congratulatory show in existence, you include an anthem to how awesome you are? :) Poor choice, but good performance.

    Otherwise, didn't miss the host at all. Thought it was pretty well done. Easy format going forward. Wonder how the ratings were for this year vs the past?

    Also, guess I will have to watch Green Book now. Could have sworn Roma or The Favourite or Black Panther was going to win Best Picture. I had Roma winning it. Green Book was like 5th or 6th on my list of predictions.

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    I'm on board for it going forward. Don't get me started on the musical numbers. Most fall very flat at best. It gets me looking for the person holding the "Applaud/Laugh" cards in the audience. To be honest, if they did away with them altogether, I wouldn't even notice.