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Who Will Be the Next James Bond?

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    Ok, Bond 25 is going to begin shooting early this year, and it's more than likely Daniel Craig's last one. Debate has gone on for a while about it, but most people tend to agree. He was great, I have to say. He completely rebranded the Bond franchise, taking it out of the cheesy Goldeneye days, and into something moody and more realistic, much like what the Dark Knight series did for the Batman franchise. So who's it gonna be? Found an article full of speculation. Here's the list of who they think it's going to be.

    1. Idris Elba

    2. Tom Hardy

    3 Tom Hiddleston

    4. Richard Madden

    5. Cillian Murphy

    6. James Norton

    If I could wave a wand and choose, it would be between, Elba, Hardy, Hiddleston and Murphy. I think Murphy would carry on the darker/grittier Bond that we see today, think anti-hero. What do you think? Also, who's your favorite Bond? It's a close race between Timothy Dalton and Roger Moore for me.

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    Idris Elba makes the most sense to me. And my vote goes to Sean Connery. Happy
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    Both good picks. I wonder who else they could get to change it up a bit.