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Highlights from ACM Awards - Keith Urban Finally Gets His Due

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    Pretty entertaining ACM Awards this year, as you could argue country music is making something of a turnaround. At least to me its showing signs of turning for the better, mainly in the solo acts with Musgraves winning both Female Artist of the Year and Album of the Year and Chris Stapleton getting nominated.

    Though I still roll my eyes with the duo groups. Dan + Shay.. just further evidence a ton of country fans are still loving the pop sound that maybe you could argue Rascal Flatts started years ago. But has evolved into something you can't really call country anymore.

    That said, I am happy to see Keith Urban finally win Entertainer of the Year. Was surprised to see it hasn't happened for him until this year to be honest. I would have guessed he would have won it multiple years. I'm a moderate fan of his but he has certainly paid his dues and I think that was really deserving.

    Check out the highlights --