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Top 10 Most Epic Moments In Game Of Thrones

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    The show is coming to a close, but there is so much to go back on and think fondly of or wince at. Of course, it's all in a good way because, let's be honest, Game of Thrones is one of the best series ever made. So much detail, and depth. I don't think a single show has pulled at my nerves, and broken my heart as much as this show. Yet I keep coming back for more. I know I'll be rewatching everything once the show is up. I don't know about anyone else. Found a top ten article by Rollingstone. I wanted to get a gauge and see if anyone else agrees.

    10. An Oath to Fight a Giant (“The Watchers on the Wall,” Season Four)

    9. An Eye-Popping Defeat (“The Mountain and the Viper,” Season Four)

    8. Tyrion Confesses (“The Laws of Gods and Men,” Season Four)

    7. The Mother of Dragons Speaks Her Mother Tongue (“And Now His Watch Is Ended,” Season Three)

    5. The Red Wedding (“The Rains of Castamere,” Season Three)

    4. Jon Snow Meets the Night King (“Hardhome,” Season Five)

    3. Hodor Holds the Door (“The Door,” Season Six)

    2. Off With Ned’s Head (“Baelor,” Season One)

    1. Cersei Bombs the Sept (“The Winds of Winter,” Season Six)

    That was RollingStone's opinion. I agree, almost all belong in the top ten, but I think the order is out of whack. I'd say number one for me would be The Red Wedding. Never had I ever seen such brutality and Shakespearean tragedy played out so well. I think number 10 deserves a couple of bumps. That was the first instance we saw giants fight in the show. And watching that one giant charge down the icy hallway toward a bunch of terrified men was pretty epic. I would probably add one to the list and it also has to do with a giant. Whenever the last giant charges through the door and dies. That one was both epic and sad. So does anyone else agree with this list? Anything that should be added?

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    My favorite moment by a slight margin for this show is their #9. I might be in the minority here but the Viper/Mountain fight scene as one of if not the best one-on-one fight scenes ever, in TV or film. So that'd be my #1.

    #2 - I'd go with the Red Wedding for all the reasons you said.

    #3.. Danny speaking her mother tongue. That was really cool and a defining moment for her character.

    #4 - Hodor holds the door.

    #5 - Jon Snow meets the Night King. That was great.

    I would have to watch the show and take notes for a true top ten as I'm sure there are many moments this list left off that I thought should be here. A few that come to mind - Brienne fighting the Hound. Or Arya being chased and then killing the Waif.

    I do agree with Cersei bombing the Sept. That would make the list for me for sure.

    Oh, what about Cersei's 'SHAME' walk?

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    NeoLogic Wrote:

    Oh, what about Cersei's 'SHAME' walk?

    Yeah, I'd have to add that one as well. One they forgot to put in the list was Joffery's wedding. I'm surprised that didn't make it into the bottom 5 at least.