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Is Tarantino Really Hanging Up The Towel?

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    Just saw Once Upon a Hollywood last night. It was a bit different from his style, but was still absolutely soaked in the Tarantino-verse. I've seen every movie that he has directed, and like most have been a fanboy since the 90's. A conversation ensued after the movie, and that was if Quentin Tarantino was really calling it quits after this movie. He's been pretty adamant about being retiring from movies over the past couple of years - what an article said was "calcified into a resolute declaration."

    If and when he does leave the directors chair, it's not falling off of the face of the Earth. He plans on going back to writing plays and TV shows - what he described as being a "more modest life of a man of letters."

    I have a theory about all of this, and let's see if you agree. The man is a visionary. To put it simply. He's a fan of both movies and television. Now combine that with the growing popularity of envelope-pushing modern TV shows such as Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. I can truly see him just switching his artistic media, and perhaps dazzling us on a weekly basis on HBO, Netflix etc.

    Will he really call it quits after this movie? And does anyone else agree with my theory?

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    Man I hope his next move is a huge TV show. That'd be perfect. Wouldn't be a ramp-down. Probably be more work for him than ever, given how much he puts into his movies. But it would be really cool to see him switch mediums as he is so good at dialog.. imagine how much room and leeway he would have for epic dialog scenes in an episodic show where characters reveal archs over several seasons. Now that I think about it I'd be disappointed if he doesn't give it a try at least.

    Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Disney, Apple, etc would jump at the chance to give him his own show.

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    Oh totally. You hit the nail on the head there. That would definitely be a strong move. TV shows have just as much potential as movies do. These days, I'd say even more in many cases.
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    He seems set on just one more movie. There are talks to what it could be, three contenders so far:

    Kill Bill 3
    An R rated Star Trek film
    A horror movie

    Quentin Tarantino Says His Last Film Will Be Horror If He ‘Comes Up With Terrific Story’. So if there's a good enough story out there for him, a horror flick would a good choice for him to end things. He hasn't done one before, but it's certainly in his wheelhouse I would say. He certainly knows over the top violence and gore, so that would be worthwhile.

    Kill Bill 3 would be fitting, but I would be less excited about it. Then the R rated Star Trek film, that would be something. Another genre new to him but at the same time not. Star Trek is certainly known for space action sequences but really its known as being very intelligently written, notably with lots of good dialogue. At least if you think back to the TV series.

    That could be a really cool way to cap his directorial career, with a clever, dialogue-heavy space flick. Could be everything in one he is known for - dialogue, a memorable story probably told non-linear, distinct characters, good name actors reinventing themselves, over the top violence, epic cinematic style (plenty of backdrops with space and planets to make it his own), martial arts fighting even maybe, could even throw in some spaghetti western imagery and score. .. I'm talking myself into now, yeah, do that Tarantino.